Innovate & Integrate Construction Workflows to Achieve Success With Mass Timber Construction 

Leverage Lessons Learned from Project Case Studies to Optimize Your Prefabrication Strategy  

As the demand for faster, higher quality, more sustainable construction increases, companies must innovate and rethink conventional approaches to sustain their competitive edge. Advancements in mass timber offer an efficient, fast and viable alternative, but practical difficulties in utilizing this material and approach often render it difficult to kick-start. Every project stakeholder must stay up to date on the tools, techniques and strategies to enhance efficiency throughout the project workflow for success. 

At Advancing Mass Timber Construction 2020 you will have the opportunity to dive into the successes, challenges, and learnings of projects completed to date. Join dozens of owners, designers, contractors, and timber manufacturers as we delve into best practices for every stage of the project lifecycle, from improving buy-in, through optimizing design, manufacture and installation to build faster, on budget and to scope every time. 

Highlights include: 

  • Building the business case for mass timber and getting the buy-in from all teams 
  • Navigating the supply chain and selecting the right project partners  
  • Integrating designers, manufacturers and subcontractors in the initial stages of product development  
  • Understanding code requirements and pushing their limits 
  • Optimizing installation and maintenance of your mass timber building